July 6, 2017. This article discusses the decision of the legislature, who chose to ignore ethics reform before the end of their session. The governor, who stated that ethics reform is a priority, is now proposing that a new inspector general could work under his office. Others are upset that the legislature did not approve ethics reform and are not convinced by the governor’s proposal because of the involvement of nine associates of the governor involved in bribery and bid-rigging scandals and the governor’s decision to disband the Moreland Commission.

Meanwhile Ron Deutsch, director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, said it best as the Legislature wrapped up its business content with its record of the past six months. “It’s another sad day in Albany,” Deutsch told a reporter. “We have the largest bid-rigging scandal in state history, and we virtually ignored it.”

Deutsch thinks the governor’s proposal is ridiculous and compares it to the fox guarding the henhouse. The plan simply would not work, he asserts.

Here is the link to the Union-Sun Journal.