January 10, 2019. This article and news clip covers the controversial estimate, from the Center for Immigration Studies, that claims an undocumented immigrant costs the United States $82,000 over their lifetime. The article goes on to highlight that numerous times the President has used a different and often larger number when talking about the cost of illegal immigration. The estimate has come into question by other immigration experts including Meg Wiehe from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and FPI’s Deputy Director, David Dyssegaard Kallick.

Every new illegal immigrant that enters the United States will cost more than $82,000 each over their lifetime, a conservative think tank that advocates for lower immigration levels has claimed.

The Center for Immigration Studies updated their 2012 analysis which put the average lifetime net fiscal cost of a border crosser at $74,722. In the six years since, the price has jumped to $82,191.

The think tank’s analysis has come into question however, with multiple outlets pushing back on its numbers and methodology.

Meg Wiehe, deputy director at the nonpartisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, told NBC News that Trump’s figure “sounds extraordinarily high to me.”

David Dyssegaard Kallick, deputy director of the nonpartisan Fiscal Policy Institute, was more blunt, calling the numbers “frankly absurd.”

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