June 5, 2017. FPI, along with other organizations, are urging the New York legislature to make changes that will counteract some of the harm from Trump’s policies. These include expansion of the Millionaires’ Tax, the right to clean water and air, expansion of voting rights and help for the homeless, as well as protection for immigrants and prevention of bid-rigging and bribery.

Ron Deutsch, who is with the union-backed think tank Fiscal Policy Institute, said Cuomo and lawmakers should act to address an economic development scandal in the governor’s office that’s led to nine former Cuomo associates charged with crimes including bid-rigging and bribery. Trials could begin as early as October.

“Many members of the governor’s inner circle are intertwined in this bid-rigging scandal,” Deutsch said.

Deutsch said one of the bills would reinstate the authority of State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli to review the economic development projects before they are finalized to flag potential conflicts or illegalities.

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