June 7, 2018. This article discusses the experiences that two companies, Engent and Figure 8 Investment Strategies, have had with hiring refugees. Both companies have experienced positive outcomes such as loyalty and dependability from hiring refugee workers, as well as some challenges. The article also discusses Amplio Recruiting’s findings that refugees have higher retention rates which are in line with FPI and the Tent Foundation’s report, “Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment.” Amplio Recruiting is a staffing agency that connects refugees with full-time positions.

When an Atlanta-area manufacturer was struggling to keep workers on staff, they turned to a new pool of applicants: refugees. Engent, which makes headlights for Tesla cars, started working with a staffing agency called Amplio Recruiting, which connects refugees with full-time jobs, in 2016.

In the staffing industry, Amplio says that retention rates are typically low, and three months after placing someone in a job, there’s only a 40% chance a worker will stay. Amplio’s rate is around 70%. A new report looking at companies that hire refugees saw a similar pattern–of the companies surveyed, 73% had higher retention rates for refugees than for other employees. Among a handful of companies that shared detailed internal data with the researchers, the turnover rate for refugees was 7% to 15% lower than for the workforce overall.

Here is the link to Fast Company.