January 27, 2017. Immigrants contribute to the economy of the Syracuse metro area, helping it to grow. Immigrants make up 5.5 percent of the population of metro Syracuse, 6.2 percent of the labor force, and an impressive 6.9 percent of total economic output. And, immigrants are a much more diverse group than most people realize.

The largest country of birth for immigrants in metro Syracuse is China, with people born in China making up seven percent of immigrants. Canada may be no surprise as a country of birth for the foreign born, but the next largest countries of birth are Ukraine, India, Italy, Germany, Korea, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And immigrants are entrepreneurs: immigrants make up 9 percent of business owners overall, and 18 percent of Main Street business owners—people who own small storefront businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salons, or retail shops that can help revitalize commercial corridors and downtown areas.

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