June 26, 2017. FPI’s Executive Director, Ron Deutsch joins Barbara Bartoletti, Legislative Director for the League of Women Voters of New York State and Blair Horner, Executive Director of NYPIRG on WCNY News to discuss the failure of lawmakers to pass contract procurement and ethic reforms and voting laws.

“It’s been a sad day in Albany. It’s a bad day at the end of the legislative session when nothing gets done on contract reform, on economic development reform and we are looking at a major $800 million bid-rigging trial set to start in October and these guys did nothing to address that and I think that’s a shame.”

“I am really surprised and I thought this bill had broad bi-partisan support. It should have sailed through both houses and if the governor did not want to enter into a three way agreement, then the legislature should have laid it on his desk and allowed him to either veto it or approve it. So I think they had their opportunity here to do the right thing and sadly they weren’t able to get that done. This was nothing but simple checks and balances. THis is nothing to be pushing back against for the governor but he just dones’t want anybody looking over his shoulder.?

Here is the link to WCNY.