June 22, 2017. An article, featured in Lohud ,discussed Governor Cuomo’s decision not to enact reforms for better transparency when allocating money for economic development programs. Groups called for changes such as a “Database of Deals” and the restoration of power to the state comptroller to review state contracts. The reforms were requested in response bid-rigging scandals.

Legislative leaders and Cuomo failed to find a compromise on how to better review state contracts and job-creation programs amid the arrests last fall of Cuomo’s former top aide Joseph Percoco on kickback charges and SUNY Polytechnic Institute president Alain Kaloyeros on bid-rigging charges.

“Scandals and ensuing inaction seem to be the ‘new normal’ in Albany,” said Ron Deutsch, executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, a labor-backed think tank in Albany. “One has to wonder how many indictments are needed before we enact any meaningful reforms.”

Here is the link to Lohud.