March 18, 2019. This article discusses the results of a poll conducted by Siena College on March 18 that found that 61 percent of New Yorkers voters do not support allowing undocumented immigrants access to apply for driver’s licenses. According to the article, the poll also revealed that among Democrat voters in New York 49 percent support undocumented immigrants obtain licenses, compared to 15 percent of Republicans. The author goes on to highlight that a month prior to this poll,  the New York City Comptroller and FPI released reports outlining the benefits that New York State could expect if they granted access to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

A majority of voters in New York State oppose allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, according to a new Siena College poll (pdf) conducted on March 18.

Polling data revealed how 61 percent of New York voters do not want illegal aliens to receive driver’s licenses, while only 34 percent support such a move. The Siena poll has an overall margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points.

A deeper look into the figures revealed that among the Democrats who voted, 49 percent supported illegals obtaining the licenses while 45 percent opposed the move. Among Republicans, the difference was more stark, with 84 percent opposing it and only 15 percent approving.

At the time, Comptroller Scott Stringer, immigrant advocate groups, and the nonprofit Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) all rallied in Lower Manhattan to support a bill authorizing the licenses, the New York Post reported. The bill was first introduced in 2017 by Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D-Queens) but in that year the State Senate was controlled by Republicans, where the bill didn’t advance.

Stringer, an advocate of the bill, said that it would aid illegals immensely if it passes. Both Stringer and the FPI claimed that the state would gain extra profits totaling $9.6 million via the driver’s license fees.

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