June 24, 2017. An article in the Saratogian, that quotes FPI’s executive director Ron Deutsch, discussed the failure of the Senate and Assembly to pass a routine school governance extender and reforms to prevent future bid-rigging scandals. They may convene again in the summer to make a decision on education and extending local sales tax.

The Senate and Assembly adjourned for the summer Wednesday without acting on ethics reform, despite a 2016 legislative session that saw former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos get five years and former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver 12 years in federal prison on corruption charges.

They also did not act on tightening oversight of the state’s multi-billion economic development grants program, despite the bid-rigging scandal that will see former Cuomo aides and campaign donors go on trial this fall.

The groups were especially critical of the lack of action on government ethics and contract procurement.

“Scandals and ensuing inaction seem to be the ‘new normal’ in Albany … Yet another sad day in Albany politics,” said Ron Deutsch of the Fiscal Policy Institute.

Here is the link to the Saratogian.