March 8, 2019.  New York is one of the country’s largest states with one of the most notoriously hard-to-count populations. California is one of many state’s that have begun planning for the upcoming census count, allocating $100million in their state budget to prepare for the decennial survey. This article discusses why planning for the census is important for New York and why the state needs to take action in this budget cycle.

Need of at least $40 million

The Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank based in New York, released a much-cited report calling on the state government to provide $40 million in funding specifically for community-based outreach, in addition to funds would be allocated for state-based awareness and media campaigns. The funding would be divided up into “basic” outreach — which would entail things like public forums — for the entirety of the state’s hard-to-count (HTC) population, which is estimated at 4.8 million individuals based on previous census non-response rates. Certain segments of this population would then be targeted with more intensive forms of outreach, including in-person discussions and even one-on-one sessions with people in their native languages.

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