March 24, 2017. FPI and Americas Society/Council of the Americas co-released report on immigrant business ownership, “Bringing Vitality to Main Street, How Immigrant Small Businesses Help Local Economies Grow”, was cited in an amicus brief that Philadelphia submitted to the federal district court in Seattle to challenge President Trump’s travel ban.

The City of Philadelphia is among two dozen U.S. cities that have filed a friend-of-the-court (amicus) brief in the federal district court in Seattle, where six States have challenged President Donald Trump’s second attempt at restricting travel into the United States from six majority-Muslim nations is being heard.

The City of Philadelphia provided data to counsel that prepared the amicus brief on behalf of the Cities.  Among that data:

In Philadelphia, in 2013, immigrants made up 14 percent of business owners, and 28 percent of the area’s “Main Street” business owners, including 23 percent of retail store owners and 34 percent of restaurant owners. Of approximately 13,000 immigrant business owners overall in metro Philadelphia, Iran is the 10th largest single country of birth for immigrant business owners.

Here is the link to The Philadelphia Sunday.