August 4, 2017. This article discusses the West Side Bazaar, a market in Buffalo, where many refugees start their businesses, such as retail, food retail and commissary kitchen booths. According to the article this market has helped create demand for products that were previously unavailable and creates employment in refugee communities. FPI’s David Kallick is cited discussing the economic impacts of refugees in Buffalo, such as helping with the reversal of population decline.

Many refugees resettled in New York live in the upstate city of Buffalo. As the local population declines, advocates hope refugees can reinvigorate the city’s economy. The refugee entrepreneurs of West Side Bazaar have already had some success.

“We don’t track refugees once they’re resettled in the country. There is data collected for the initial months of resettlement, but there is no centralized system to keep track of how refugees are doing after 90 days’ resettlement,” said David Kallick, Director of the Immigration Research Initiative at the Fiscal Policy Institute.

Kallick emphasizes that refugees are having a significant impact on an area like Buffalo where the population is dwindling. “Refugees stay, while others leave the city,” he says.

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