January 14, 2015. Crains New York Business picked up on the population trend shown in FPI’s new report on immigrant Main Street businesses. In New York City, immigrants make up, arithmetically, all of the population growth since the city’s decennial lowpoint in 1980.* Check out our interactive graphic here. (Thanks to Colin Gordon for putting it on the web.)

From the story:

New York City’s revitalization since the 1970s has been spurred by an oft-overlooked force: Main Street immigrant business owners, whose ranks have risen rapidly during the past four decades, according to a new report.

The study found that although New York City’s nonimmigrant population has remained largely static since 1980 (after the 1970s’ “white flight” dropped the city’s population by 1 million), the immigrant population has surged to 3.1 million from 1.7 million. That has been the main driver in the rebound to a record 8.4 million city residents. New York City’s population is now 37% foreign-born.

*The interactive chart looks just at foreign-born and U.S.-born population trend. Population change is that, plus also births and deaths, and also net domestic migration.