October 12, 2018. This report discusses the findings of FPI’s new report, “Only Wealthy Immigrants Need Apply,” that include an estimated 24 million people will be affected by the “public charge” rule. The author goes on to highlight the finding that 9 million children will be affected, most of them U.S. citizens.

FPI’s report says the new interpretation would “radically restrict access to green cards and various types of visas for immigrants who do not have a high enough income, or who have used public health, food, or housing supports they are otherwise qualified to receive.”

“We shouldn’t be looking down on people who use the safety net, whether they are immigrants or born in this country” Kallick said. “The safety net is there to help people through hard times, so they can get back up and pursue their American Dream.” 

“The Trump Rule is a disturbing attempt to rewrite our nation’s history,” says Kallick. “Immigrants come here to make a better life for themselves and their children. They are ambitious and hard working and entrepreneurial, but they’re not usually wealthy. It’s after immigrants get here that they start to do better, and some of them do great. That’s the genius of America. It’s inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.” Click here to read the new report.

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