The coronavirus crisis has put a new focus on “essential workers,”  people who are bringing deliveries to our homes, working in supermarkets and convenience stores, keeping the public transportation system functioning, providing social services and childcare, and working in the healthcare industry.

These essential workers have always played a critical role in keeping our communities running. At a time when many streets are eerily empty, however, we can see all the more clearly who is still out there making sure people get food on the table, helping them get to the places they need to despite the coronavirus and continuing to provide daily care for those who require assistance.

The following new analysis by the Fiscal Policy Institute for the first time shows demographic detail about who essential workers are in New York State. Overall, FPI finds that essential workers are disproportionately likely to be women, immigrants, Black, and Latinx

Read the full report: New York’s Essential Workers: Overlooked, Underpaid, and Indispensable 

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