January 22, 2018. In this column, the author, Andrew Atkins, describes the time that he received a card from a colleague, who is an immigrant from  Rawanda. This card thanked him for his contributions to the staff. The author highlights that his colleague, who fled he genocide in Rwanda, feels safe and welcomed in America and that he demonstrates acts of empathy, compassion and kindness regardless of the demeaning rhetoric about immigrants coming from the federal administration. The author goes on to state that President Trump could learn about compassion, empathy and kindness from his colleague.

Historically, our country has been built by immigrants, and it stands to reason we should embrace them. However, some argue that immigrants are criminals and take away jobs from U.S. citizens.

For those who assert that immigrants take away our jobs, the opposite proves true. As Avianne Tan reports for ABC News, David Kallick, the director of the Immigration Research Initiative at the Fiscal Policy Institute explains that immigrants improve wages and create more job opportunities for native workers.

“The fact is that immigrants often push U.S.-born workers up in the labor market rather than out of it,” he said.

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