April 14, 2017. In an article highlighting the significant contributions that immigrants make to the economy through business ownership, the author discusses their role in the creation of fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. This article cites a co-released report by the Americas Society/Council on the Americas and the Fiscal Policy Institute, Bringing Vitality to Main Street.

Just consider: Of the Fortune 500 companies, 90 were founded by immigrants, a 2011 report showed.

And it’s not just the billion-dollar blockbuster companies that are making an outsized contribution to U.S. competitiveness.  Small business and entrepreneurship – the backbone of the U.S. economy – also have immigrant founders.

Yet another report published in 2015 by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Americas Society/Council on the Americas, in cooperation with the Fiscal Policy Institute, shows that immigrants comprise 28 percent of Main Street business owners in the U.S. – the small businesses that provide services and products to our local communities.

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