School Finance On Long Island: An Analysis of State and Local Funding Patterns

January 30, 2009. FPI researched and wrote this paper for the Rauch Foundation as a supplemental report to Long Island Index 2009, a study of how Long Island is faring as a region. The index includes reports on specific indicators selected to reflect region-wide impact and interests, and identifies emerging trends and gaps that should be addressed now to avoid future problems. FPI was also cited widely in another section of the Index, Long Island’s Educational Structure. Read the paper – School Finance On Long Island: An Analysis of State and Local Funding Patterns >>

Lighten weight of tax burden

January 27, 2009.  Both fairness and sound economics should play a role in closing New York’s budget gap. A column by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, in the Albany Times Union.

Nobel Economist: Millionaires’ Tax Is Economically Preferable

January  2009. In a March 27, 2008 letter to Governor Paterson, Majority Leader Bruno and Speaker Silver, Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz makes a compelling case that the millionaires’ tax is “economically preferable” to raising regressive fees or cutting state spending.

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Improving New York: Funding Public Higher Education

January 25, 2009. Peter Pollak of interviews David Dyssegaard Kallick.

Record Surge in NYS Unemployment in December: Lagging Benefits Expose Holes in Safety Net for Jobless New Yorkers

January 22, 2009. Data released today by the New York State Department of Labor reveal that the state’s unemployment rate jumped to 7.0 percent in December (the highest figure recorded in the state since 1994) from November’s revised level of 6.0 percent. Over 671,000 New Yorkers were unemployed in December, an increase of 229,000 (52 percent) from December of 2007. The national recession began in December 2007. Both the one-month unemployment increase of 1.0 percent and the 229,000 12-month increase in the unemployed count are all-time highs in the 32-year official Labor Department series. Press release from FPI and the National Employment Law Project >>

The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Bronx Workforce

January 22, 2009. A presentation made by James Parrott to the Bronx Borough Board. Presentation >>

The Economic Crisis: Historic, and a Terrible Thing to Waste

January 21, 2009. A presentation made by James Parrott at the International House. Presentation >>

The Obama Stimulus: An $825 Billion First Step

January 20, 2009. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes regularly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article >>

New York’s Underinvestment in Public Higher Education

January 15, 2009. After more than a decade of financial support falling short of growing enrollment, the executive budget calls for cuts to SUNY and CUNY – at the same time that more students seek post-secondary opportunities during the economic downturn.

Governor Paterson’s proposed 2009-2010 budget features reductions in state aid to CUNY and SUNY, despite a projected increase in enrollment for 2009-2010. This report details the context for the cuts – a decade of underinvestment – and makes the economic case for supporting public higher education: it helps families through the current crisis, stimulates growth in the local economy, narrows racial gaps in income and education, and helps build a solid middle class for New York’s future.

Supplemental information on race, ethnicity, immigration status, and other characteristics of the student population:

Balancing New York State’s 2009-2010 Budget in an Economically Sensible Manner

January 14, 2009. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s nineteenth annual budget briefing. Briefing book >>

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