Advocates urge Cuomo to carry through on tax reform commission

May 25, 2012. Tax reform advocacy groups from around the state gathered on May 22 to remind the Governor that he pledged to create a tax reform commission in his State of the State address earlier this year. News coverage:

  • “Omnibus members question Cuomo’s tax plans” – a post by Rick Karlin, Albany Times Union Capitol Confidential blog.
  • “Groups Urge Tax Reform” – a post by Joseph Spector, Albany Watch blog. Includes a video of Ron Deutsch of New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness talking about the tax reform commission.
  • “Advocates want Gov. Cuomo to create tax reform commission,” – an article by Adam Shank, Legislative Gazette (May 25, 2012).

For a summary of what Governor Cuomo has said about tax reform, see this January 12 column by Frank Mauro.