April 4, 2018. This article discusses the exclusion of any accountability measures in Governor Cuomo’s state budget in regards to economic development funding. A close-aide to Cuomo was convicted last year of accepting bribes and using his influence to direct government contracts. Adovocates were calling for a database of deals to increase transparency and to reinstate the power to the New York State Comptroller. Instead of accountability and transparency, Cuomo included pay raises for lawmakers.

The conviction of a former close aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo last month did not lead to any response in the approved state budget — much to the chagrin of good-government advocates and fiscal watchdogs.

“You would think that the governor would be literally tripping over himself to put some accountability measures and some transparency measures in place in order to show that he’s doing something about this corruption in Albany,” said Ron Deutsch with the Fiscal Policy Institute.

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