September 28, 2017. This article discusses the uncertainty surrounding the federal government and potential cuts to New York, which could run as high as $17 billion.

According to the article, The latest push to repeal and replace broad aspects of the Affordable Care Act has failed, at least for now. Advocates opposed to the bill aren’t sure they’ve heard the last from it. “This bill is a lot like Frankenstein’s monster,” said Ron Deutsch of the Fiscal Policy Institute. “It just requires another jolt of energy to revive it.”

Anxiety over the bill in New York stemmed in part from the proposed changes to the Medicaid program, capping spending and shifting benefits they say would have helped Republican states. Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week, meanwhile, opened the possibility to a special session of the Legislature given the uncertainty surrounding the federal government, saying the cuts to New York to health care and elsewhere could run as high as $17 billion.

“These are not going to be small. These are not going to be innocuous,” Cuomo said at an unrelated news conference on Wednesday. “These are going to be highly damaging and devastating.” New York’s budget already faces headwinds in 2018, including a deficit that needs to be closed just before lawmakers and the governor turn their attention to the campaign season.“We have no new state spending,” said the governor. “We’re looking at a $4 billion deficit going into next year. That is a big hole to fill. We need $4 billion just to get to zero.”

Added to the uncertainty is a renewed push for tax reform that could end state and local deductions, further impacting New York. “Just out of the gate, it seems ridiculous as a policy proposal,” said Strong Economy For All Executive Director Michael Kink. “There are specific provisions that are particularly threatening to New York.”

And that’s leading some on the left to once again call for tax increases to help close the gap. “We’re going to have to eliminate the state spending cap and we’re also going to have to look for ways to raise revenue,” Deutsch said.

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