On November 4th, New Yorkers will go to the polls and decide whether to hold a Constitutional Convention. Holding a Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con for short, would allow the people to exercise their right to make changes to alter the state constitution. This vote is held every twenty years, and the last time that a Con-Con convened was in 1967. If New Yorkers vote to convene a Con-Con, they would have the opportunity to elect delegates in November 2018 and then the Convention would convene in April 2019.

In a panel discussion last night about convening a Con-Con, Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, Ron Deutsch, stated that, “I’m just really concerned that this opens up everything, There’s a question that good could be done but there’s also a question that really bad things could happen as well. Public education, the environment, the poor,” Those are the things I’m worried about being eliminated right now.”

Here is the link to the article on WNYT.