July 11, 2017. The authors, Brooks Rainwater and Irma Esparza-Diggs, of an op-ed in The Hill, discuss how the “No Sanctuary for Criminals” bill could interfere with the inclusive and pro-immigrant beliefs, actions and stances that many mayors across the United States have. This bill would jeopardize funding to local public safety officers and would put local governments at risk of liability and litigation, in order to get local officers to act as immigration officers. This op-ed discusses how many mayors are aware of the economic benefits and contributions that immigrants bring to many of their cities and they want to continue welcoming them, embracing their cultural differences and empowering them. There is currently a coalition of 150 mayors who are fighting against federal immigration reform, enacting inclusive policies and some are even filing lawsuits.

Mayors know that immigration makes the United States stronger.

Rather than discriminating against people based on their race, religion or creed, America’s mayors embrace cultural differences and stand with immigrant populations by protecting and empowering them.

Statistics like those in Michigan are reflected nationwide. A study from the Fiscal Policy Institute finds that 28 percent of main street business owners are immigrants, and this proportion is higher in areas with large immigrant populations like Miami and Washington, D.C.

Ultimately, mayors’ primary goal is to create safe, livable, and prosperous communities. Whether it’s by starting businesses or leading a city, immigrants and descendants of immigrants play a critical role in the fabric of our country.

Here is the link to The Hill.