March 10, 2017. A letter was featured in The Buffalo News in response to FPI’s David Dyssegaard and International Institute of Buffalo’s executive director, Eva Hassett’s op-ed discussing refugee’s contributions to Buffalo’s economic revitalization and the need for funding for resettlement agencies facing federal funding cuts.

Regarding the Sunday Viewpoints article about refugees, by David Dyssegaard Kallick and Eva Hassett: I hope many people read it and heard the message, that refugees are good for the Buffalo and Western New York economies. We, as Americans, are shooting ourselves in the foot by making it more difficult for immigrants and refugees to come here.

Personally, my family has welcomed people of different cultures into our home for many years – not because it was good for our household’s bottom line, but because it was a joy to learn about them and their cultures. Let’s continue to welcome refugees and immigrants to Western New York because it’s good for our economy and good for our souls.

Rebecca Hyde

Here is the link to The Buffalo News.

The link to the op-ed is here.