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nation.lk 10/24 opinion piece links to 2016 joint FPI & Center for American Progress report “Refugee Integration in the United States” in “Refugees like my ancestors are part of what made America Great”

Gotham Gazette 10/20 FPI’s chief economist Jonas Shaende quoted on NYC COVID expenses in “New York City COVID Spending Tops $4 Billion, Virtually All Covered by Federal Funds”

The City 10/14 FPI May report cited in “Calls to Tax the Rich Abound. But What Exactly Does That Mean?”

City Limits 10/12 FPI’s Executive Director Ron Deutsch quoted on the need for wealth taxes in “Is NYC’s Recovery on the Ballot November 3?”

Newsday: Editorial board op-ed 10/12 FPI stat on immigrants’ contribution to the LI economy cited in “Biden is best for Long Island on…