May 15, 2018. An article in Spectrum News discussed the rally at the New York State Capital for driver’s licenses for all individuals regardless of immigration status. The group Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson and many others from cities and towns all over New York gathered hoping that officials would hear their requests. The article goes on to discuss how undocumented immigrants fear deportation and separation from family members when they drive, but have to drive as a necessity to provide for their family and commute to work.

People from all around New York State came to the rally — from Queens, where some say it would ease their work commute, to Rochester, where one farm worker and father says he feared deportation when he was pulled over, but was forced to drive illegally because he didn’t have a license.

The Fiscal Policy Institute points to safety benefits by having undocumented immigrants get a license, because they would need to take state tests and learn the rules of the road.

Here is the link to Spectrum News.