May 30, 2018. This article by Lila MacLellan, discusses the findings of FPI’s new report, commissioned by the Tent Foundation, “Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment.” The findings include 73% of the 26 firms interviewed had higher retention rates for refugee employers, refugee workers served as a source of recruitment, and employers feeling a sense of pride.

Refugees, the companies are saying, deserve opportunities in their new home and, contrary to the recent rhetoric, pose no special threat to American security.

The just-released report, commissioned by the nonprofit Tent Partnership for Refugees and produced by the nonpartisan New York-based think tank Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI), is filled with encouraging statistics and stirring anecdotes that could help poke a hole in current anti-refugee sentiments that, under US president Donald Trump, have allowed refugee arrivals to the US to drop to an astonishing 30-year low.

Tent  is not unbiased; it works with businesses like Starbucks to help them hire and train refugees, as Ulukaya has done at Chobani. The yogurt company’s workforce is now 30% to 40% refugees or immigrants. But Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant whose company is headquartered in upstate New York, tells Inc. magazine that hiring refugees is “not about politics.”

“This was about hiring from our community. Refugees are dying to provide for their community,” he insists. “I always said that the minute they got the job, that’s the minute they stopped being refugees.”

Here is the link to Quartz At Work.