August 6, 2020 – Spectrum News

New York State faces cuts to public programs and services due to this year’s unprecedented revenue shortfall. While awaiting needed federal action, advocates call for raising state revenue.

The sweeping cuts threatened by Governor Cuomo would devastate the very people hit hardest by the pandemic and its economic fallout. The state must get the economic engine of New York running while awaiting essential federal funding,” said Ron Deutsch, the executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute.

“That means supporting, rather than slashing, the public services relied on by New Yorkers. Firing teachers, first responders, and cutting programs essential to our most vulnerable community members only makes it harder for people and communities to get back on solid financial footing. The state must act to lessen the expected impact of devastating cuts by doing do what it has historically done during times of crisis  – asking those with the most means to pay more.  Just taxation requires us all to contribute to the programs and services that make our state great. Our wealthiest residents are getting richer during this pandemic, and it is unconscionable to ask struggling New Yorkers to shoulder the pandemic’s burden while asking nothing of those with the most means.

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