October 11, 2018. This article discusses the federal administration’s proposed “public charge” rule that could affect 24 million people. The author notes that the rule would directly affect immigrants seeking permanent status but that there would be “chilling effects” that spread fear among immigrants to disenroll or not apply for public benefits. The article goes on to highlight important facts about the “public charge” rule which include that it will not affect refugees, asylees  protected groups, or green card holders, having accepted SNAP or TANF does not mean immediate denial and this is just a proposal for now and immigrants will not be penalized for accepting benefits at this point in time.

The Trump administration on Wednesday published its proposed changes to the public charge rule, which would penalize immigrants seeking permanent status for using certain public benefits. The draft rule is undoubtedly serious: It discriminates against families, has accelerated a “chilling effect” already hindering program enrollment, and marks the next step in the president’s ongoing immigrant crackdown.

A report from the Fiscal Policy Institute estimates that 24 million people will feel a “chilling effect,” meaning they will be too frightened to accept benefits—even if they are not directly impacted by the rule. Karen Farley, executive director of the California WIC Association, says that misinformation has contributed to this fear: Immigrants have asked to be removed from the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, which is not included in the rule, citing faulty advice from their attorneys.

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