September 20, 2012. Anjali Athavaley of the Wall Street Journal writes about new data on poverty from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Link requires subscription; excerpt below.

Of the boroughs, the Bronx had the highest rate in 2011, with 30.4% of the population living in poverty in 2011. Manhattan experienced the largest increase, from 16.4% to 18.3%.

Some economists pointed to New York’s high unemployment as a driving factor in poverty.

“While we’ve had job growth that looks good relative to other places, it hasn’t been that robust,” said James Parrott, chief economist at the Fiscal Policy Institute, a liberal-leaning think tank.

David R. Jones, president and CEO of the Community Service Society of New York, an anti-poverty group, called the city’s recovery “anemic.”

“It’s not bringing workers back in,” he said. “If they do get jobs, they’re getting extraordinarily low-wage jobs with no benefits.”