May 29, 2018. In an op-ed by Albor Ruiz, he discusses what he calls the “war on immigrants” that the Trump administration has started and expanded to include refugees and asylees as targets. The author discusses how the Trump administration’s immigration policy and rhetoric are racist and can have negative economic effects. He goes on to argue that refugees are people fleeing dangerous circumstances in their home country and Trump’s rhetoric is wrongly characterizing them.

The FPI report, “Refugees as Employees,” released this week, makes clear the absurdity of deciding what kind of immigration measures should be implemented guided by bigotry and ignorance. It also makes clear the unfairness and immorality of unconscionably stirring hate for and fear of refugees by dehumanizing them.

“There’s now plenty of data to show that refugees themselves do well once they’ve had a chance to get settled in the U.S.,” said David Dyssegaard Kallick, the Fiscal Policy Institute director of Immigration Research Initiative. “And, now we can see that it works well for employers as well.”

“Those employers we interviewed overwhelmingly saw lower turnover rates, and as a natural corollary saw an expanded recruitment pool,” said Dyssegaard Kallick. “In many cases, the adjustments employers made to make refugee employment work well also led to overall improvements – the managers got to be better managers through having to work through issues like having employees with less English language ability or learning to assess potential hires on a broader basis than just whether they already had the specific skills needed for the job.” No downside here.


Here is the link to Al Dia.