June 19, 2018. FPI’s policy analyst, Cyierra Roldan, and Deputy Director, David Dyssegaard Kallick, co-authored an article that was featured in Refugees Deeply, a platform of News Deeply. The article discusses their six month long research that included interviewing employers who hired refugees in Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, upstate New York and central Nebraska. The research included three major findings. These findings were of the 29 employers interviewed, 73 percent reported a higher retention rate for refugees than for employees overall, employing refugees opens the doors for others to a diversified, accepting and accommodating workforce with good management and a recruitment benefit for the firm.

How is refugee integration into the workforce going in the United States? Much better than you might think, especially if you’ve been listening to controversies in the media but haven’t recently visited a factory floor or a healthcare facility that employs refugees.

We spent six months doing just that – visiting the places where refugees work. We interviewed refugees, their employers, resettlement agencies and others in the community in four parts of the U.S.: Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; upstate New York; and eastern and central Nebraska. The study we produced, Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment, found that employers are not only happy with the refugees they’ve hired, they’ve often learned from the experience and become better managers of a diverse workforce. We found at least three ways that integrating refugees can be good for business.

Employers, it turns out, like refugee workers. But that’s not just to feel good about providing an opportunity to refugees. Their firms are financially rewarded for investing in a welcoming and inclusive work environment.

Here is the link to Refugees Deeply.