May 1, 2019. This article looks at the problem of rent burdens in the Rochester area in advance of the NYS Assembly hearing on May 10. The article highlighted the disparities “2 out of 5 renters — and 60% of minorities — in the Rochester area are rent-burdened. Others upstate cities face similar numbers, but Rochester’s are the highest.”

A recent study by the nonpartisan Fiscal Policy Institute says nearly half of New York renters are “rent-burdened. Ron Deutsch, the group’s executive director, said housing – not including utilities – should cost about 30% of your income. Anything more is considered a rent burden.“There’s a housing crisis going on right now,” said Deutsch. “Because far too many people are paying excessive amounts of their income in rent.” He said it’s not limited to big cities.“People think that this is only a New York City issue whereas this is an issue all across the state,” said Deutsch.

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