New York State Economic and Fiscal Outlook FY 2018

Picture for FY 2018 briefing book web post

January 19, 2017. The Fiscal Policy Institute staff is currently analyzing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s FY 2018 Executive Budget. A briefing book will be available on February 7, 2017. FPI issued an initial statement on the governor’s budget proposal on January 18, 2017. FPI has also been examining the potential ramifications of federal budget changes. See the op-ed written by James Parrott.    

Living Wage and Minimum Wage Efforts

Pizza worker

July 30,  2015. Given the long-standing gap between the growth in wages and productivity that has eroded living standards for most workers and their families in New York and around the country, raising the wage floor has become an economic policy imperative. FPI has been at the forefront in efforts in New York State and New York City to raise wages for low-wage workers. FPI played an important role... Read more

Immigrant “Main Street” Business Owners Playing an Outsized Role

Philadelphia Italian Market

January 14, 2015. Immigrants are a little more likely to own businesses than their U.S.-born counterparts, but they are a lot more likely to own Main Street businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, and barber shops, finds a new study released today by the Fiscal Policy Institute and Americas Society/Council of the Americas. Immigrants make up 16 percent of the labor force and 18 percent of... Read more