Don’t Let the Pandemic Shortchange Our State Budget Process

New York is dealing with a pandemic that demands sudden societal changes to protect the health of everyone in the state. As the necessary disruptions to our regular routines of work, school, and family life continue, we know that paying for this health crisis will have a profound economic effect. Governor Cuomo claims the state is broke, and that our only recourse is to make substantial budget cuts. We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our economy, but it is possible to look for ways to raise revenue, not only institute cuts to programs that New Yorkers depend on. As the... Read more

We Must Boost New York’s Fighting Chance

New York State is dealing with a pandemic that demands sudden and unusual changes in our everyday lives. The need for societal change including social distancing and restricting public gatherings to protect our health is clear. The question is what will be the economic cost of our necessary public health policy and how will we pay for it? Explore these pressing issues with us in our new brief: At... Read more

FPI’s 2020 State Budget Presentations

Our state budget is an opportunity to define our values and choose our future. Will our actions reinforce inequity and inequality or can we pull together to create a more just New York for all? FPI took a look at the proposed executive budget and shared our thoughts in two presentations, one in Albany and one in New York City. If you missed those informative events, you can still take a look at what... Read more

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