March 11, 2013. A Legislative Gazette article about the New York State DREAM Act as it advances in the legislature.

A recent report by the Fiscal Policy Institute found that passing the legislation will reap a large economic benefit to the state as college graduates typically earn an additional $25,000 a year, which, in return, means $3,900 more per year, per student, in state and local taxes.

An analysis by the Fiscal Policy Institute also concluded that the DREAM legislation would increase the cost of the state’s Tuition Assistance Program by $17 million, which represents 2 percent of the current TAP expenditures.

…According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, if the DREAM Act was to be financed through the state income tax it would only cost a typical taxpayer, who has an adjusted gross annual income of $45,000 to $49,999, 87 cents per year, “less than the price of a donut.”