March 13, 2019. This article discusses the march in Riverhead on Long Island, New York organized by the Green Light NY: Driving Together Coalition to support a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses. According to the article, the advocates argue that driver’s licenses will decrease the risk of deportation, generate revenues and make the roads safer.

According to the Green Light NY: Driving Together coalition, the goal is to expand access to drivers’ licenses to all New Yorkers, “regardless of immigration status.” The coalition’s website includes a petition, for those who want to show their support “for immigrant rights and safer roads in New York State.”

And, said the NYCLU, licensing drivers can prove a boon to the economy statewide, with the Fiscal Policy institute estimating that the move could mean a $57 million annual revenue infusion and $27 million in one-time revenue.

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