June 24 – Media round-up on legislators pledge.

As part of FPI’s efforts this year with our statewide revenue working group, we brought state legislators, union, and advocates together for two successful events in June – a legislative discussion state tax reform action that could be accomplished while we are waiting for federal assistance and a press conference unveiling a statement of principles signed by 100 state legislators along with unions and economic advocacy organizations, where they pledged to reject state budget cuts and instead enact revenue raisers (multiple FPI generated tax bills have been introduced to correct our state’s upside-down tax policy). Both events energized legislators, unions, and advocates! A round-up of press coverage is available here.

Press Roundup: Statement of Principles  

June 23, 2020

North Country Public Radio NYS public radio cites legislative statement in “Cities face budget deadlines and deficits”


June 22, 2020 

KingsCountyPolitics.com (blog) 6/22 cites lawmakers pledge in “State Lawmakers Push Wealth Tax” 


June 20, 2020 

WXXI, NYS public radio cites the legislative statement in “Cities face budget deadlines and deficits” 


June 19, 2020 

FingerLakes1 6/19 Quotes Ron Deutsch in an article drawn from FPI’s press release “Over 100 lawmakers pledge to tax ultra-wealthy in effort to close NYS budget shortcomings” 


June 18, 2020 

QNY 6/19 (Queens NY) 


NY Daily News 6/18 Article written from FPI’s press release, attributes FPI as the releasing organization. 


Newsday state/regional 6/18 cites FPI as releaser in Tax wealthy before considering cuts, 100 state lawmakers say 


Newsday 6/18 columnist/op-ed cites FPI as letter releaser 


NY Now 6/ 18 Cites FPI presser and quotes Ron in “Lawmakers: No Budget Cuts Without Tax Hikes on the Rich” 


Long Island City Post (online) 6/18 “18 State Legislators From Queens Call for Wealth Tax” 


Flushing Post 6/18 “18 State Legislators From Queens Call for Wealth Tax


City and State 6/18 statewide political blog. Included info on the statement as part of a behind-a-paywall update went to subscribers. 

Spectrum News 6/18 Capitol Region. Segment hosted by Morgan McKay on the statement ran during Capitol Tonight, the statewide political show. Tape unavailable.  

State of Politics 6/18 (statewide political blog) Article drawn from FPI’s press release, attributes FPI as the releasing organization “Lawmakers Want to Tax the Rich to Fix Pandemic Battered Economy” 



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The statement of principles press conference was referenced by reporters questioning Governor Cuomo during his daily news brief.