March 13, 2019. This article discusses the march and rally in Suffolk county, New York to support the Green Light New York bill, that would allow all New Yorkers access to driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status if passed. The author highlights that the bill is pending in the New York State legislature and that New York is falling behind 12 states, plus D.C. The article went on to quote many advocates about the benefits of allowing access to driver’s licenses for all, including the Riverhead Police Chief, David Hegermiller, who supports the bill.

Residents and community advocates marched down Main Street Tuesday afternoon in support of state legislation that would make standard ­­driver’s licenses available for all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status.

The group of about 200 people from across Suffolk County walked about a mile and a half from the headquarters of CASA Rural Migrant Ministry’s Long Island rural worker education center on Roanoke Avenue to the Department of Motor Vehicles office on Route 58.

A recent report by the Fiscal Policy Institute, a non profit think tank, estimated that the state would benefit economically in the millions of dollars from registering vehicles and other revenue sources, public safety would increase when people passed a road test, and more people would be able to buy insurance, which in turn would minimally decrease premiums for current drivers.

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